I want to thank you for the great job you did upgrading my web site.  The graphics and layout look great, but it is your intuitive feel for what I was trying to accomplish with my web site that really made the difference.  You made my small company look “big” and yet, easy to navigate.

Best Regards,

Mitch Millstein
Supply Velocity, Inc.


“We are expressing our appreciation for Spencer Web Design’s outstanding design, development, maintenance, and hosting of our website. Importantly, your innate understanding of our wants and needs and your creativity has translated into a solid, continuously updated website with minimal involvement of our staff.  Spencer Web Design is a valued business partner.

We have worked with other website developers/maintainers in the post; none can compare with your superb service. The supporting analytics you provide allows us to measure web traffic — we can tailor our website for optimum traffic efficiency.

We appreciate unsolicited testimonials from our customers, so with that we are providing an unsolicited testimonial to Spencer Web Design. You are absolutely tops and we highly recommend you to others!”

Sam Merrifield
Lakeside Exteriors, Inc.


As a content development agency we are privileged to work with a number of marketing and web development agencies. I think it goes a long way to say that Spencer Web Design is one of our favorites and a go-to project partner when a client needs a new website, a site refresh or technical/design updates.

From good design to clean and effective code, Spencer Web Design, has delighted our clients and provide on target, on budget and on time services.

Janette Lonsdale
Content Strategist
The Red Stairs
St. Louis, MO


I am looking through the photos and I love the ones you picked. Thank you Sue for all that you and your team did to get my website switched over [from the old provider]. I feel relieved knowing that I will no longer be dealing with [xxx] and I feel like I’m in such good hands with Spencer Web Design.

Nancee Werts
Black Orchid Salon and Spa


We continue to get compliments on the website, and not just from friends and family!

Connie Green
Fletcher-Green, Inc.


The Board was ecstatic about my presentation on social media, web site, etc. The really liked all the stats to prove the effectiveness of what we’re doing. Thanks very much for all the excellent help you’re giving us!

Harry Hamm
West County EMS & Fire Protection District


My sincere thanks to you and Joel.  The blog looks great! Well done and thank you!

Dale Furtwengler
Furtwengler and Associates, P.C.