Taking Your Digital Presence to the Next Level During COVID

A website is more than just a functional tool. It’s a first impression. As the marketplace becomes increasingly more and more digital, websites have effectively become the face of a company. For many potential customers and clients, the web is their first stop. It’s where they go to find out more about a company and the products and services they provide. How this information is conveyed and presented can determine whether a company gets that potential customer’s business or not. And it has to work quickly. With so many visual messages vying for people’s attention, if yours does not stand out and is not instantly grabbing, people will move on to something else. As COVID-19 has drastically altered and shaped the current market environment, with more people spending more time online now than ever, it’s vital to understand how to adapt your digital presence to these changing times.

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How to Market Your Business During COVID

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives. It has changed the way companies do business, and the change is necessary to stay viable and competitive in this new marketplace. It begins by developing a marketing strategy that is more reflective of these times. It’s a matter of balancing finances while continuing to keep customers engaged, informed, and reassured.

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Reassure Customers With Information and Empathy

The COVID pandemic has largely kept people in their homes–feeling isolated and disconnected. In these times, your marketing strategy should serve to be a friend. As we are all experiencing the same struggles and uncertainties, this kind of connection can be extremely powerful, and offers you the chance to relate to customers on a deeper, personal level. Empathize with customers. Acknowledge their struggles and remind them that we’re all in this together and your company is there for them. Send out personalized email updates and positive social media posts to check in with customers, see how they are doing, and let them know how you have been responding to the pandemic. This semblance of “normalcy” will provide comfort to customers and promote positive feelings toward your company. Promote positivity and your company. Link the two together in the minds of customers, and always provide a way for them to reach out with questions and comments of their own.

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Adapt and Stand Out

Through these feelings of isolation and disconnection, people are adapting and finding new, creative ways to connect with others. To stay relevant, companies need to do the same. This is a unique opportunity to truly get creative and stand out from your competitors, while, at the same time, forging a deeper connection with customers. Think of how you can promote your products or services to a population that is largely stuck at home. Perhaps that’s in the form of care packages or activities they can do with your products at home. Maybe you virtually showcase your products or demonstrations of your services through online classes or events. Or, give people compelling reasons why they should get out of the house and come into your location. Give them something to be excited about, and a change from the norm, while reassuring them that they will be safe and all health guidelines will be adhered to. Whichever route(s) you decide to go, get creative with it and have fun. If there’s one thing everyone could use more of during these times, it’s fun.

Put Yourself in the Customers’ Shoes

We’re all customers in one way or another. Think of how you would want to see a company reaching out during pandemic times like these. What are companies that you like doing to keep you informed, excited, and engaged? What do you expect to hear and see from them in response to a COVID-impacted world? Now, taking your answers to these questions, reflect on your own marketing communications and think about if these same attributes which you like and expect are coming across.

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Strengthen Your Social Media Game

Long before any of this started, social media was everywhere in the business world. Companies quickly realized the need to cast a larger net and reach wider audiences through the use of various social media platforms. That’s where a lot of consumers spend a lot of their time, and even moreso now as physical interaction has become more difficult. This makes it an incredibly opportune time to market your company through an active social media presence, and staying active is the key. Post frequently, keep customers informed of any news or updates with your company, start or join conversations, respond to comments and posts promptly, take advantage of sponsored posts or paid advertisements (the return is well worth the marginal investment), and run promotions or special offerings. There’s no resisting it: social media is a large part of doing business, but be glad that it is! It’s an inexpensive way to market to a wide swath of people, and in times like these, it is remarkably effective if done well.

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