Technical & Web Design Consultancy Services

Website design is only the tip of the technical iceberg for today’s business.

Many businesses also need:

  • Secure employee portals.
  • Company intranets.
  • Database configuration, set up and data migration.
  • Website functionality integration with other back office systems.
  • Cloud storage management.
  • Record management systems.
  • Online software (such as Office 365) set up and troubleshooting.
  • Marketing automation, including email marketing, systems set up.
  • Online shopping carts.

At Spencer Web Design we have experience helping our clients identify the best technical solutions to meet their requirements and budget.

Depending on your needs, our consulting services may include:

  • Informal discussion to explore options and opportunities for moving to, or updating, technical office systems.
  • Clearly identifying requirements.
  • Researching appropriate software and hardware along with vendor selection.
  • Custom programming.
  • Software set up and configuration.