Our Process

When we set out to create new websites, we aim to make them as straight-forward as possible. That’s why when we set out to create a procedure for building sites, we made it straight-forward too, only three steps: Planning and Design, Development, Content and Layout. On this page we’ll walk you through what happens during each of these steps so you can see how easy it is to get your ready for new customers!

Planning and design

In this stage, information is gathered about the kind of site you’re looking for, what sort of functionality it is going to have, and from that we create a design. The design we create can be based on your original site, a whole new creation, or even a template. We adjust the level of customization to fit your needs rather than sell you one big package that leaves you locked down, we want you to have the freedom to enhance your site as much as you like.


After you have decided on a look for your site, it’s time to get down to business. We’re experts when it comes to this stuff! Rather than throw a bunch of components into a program that spits out a site, our sites are hand-coded and built to be quickly changed via stylesheets. This gives us the ability to make standards-compliant sites that look beautiful in every browser.

Content and Layout

In this last stage, we fill your new site in with your own content. You get to choose where the content comes from and how much you have. We have three ways to populate content on your site. 1. migrating content from your old site 2. Have one of our professional content writers do the work for you. 3. You can even add it yourself!
In addition to the options we provide for getting content onto the site we also offer two levels of content creation. The first is a basic level which consists of text and images placed neatly on the site. and the second is called “tailored content” Where each page’s content is thought out with custom graphics and better focus.

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